Who Is “Kids Christian Academy”?

Kids Christian Academy is a Pre-school and a tutor center for grade 1-6. Founded by Kim Simpson

Background on the founder

Kim Simpson: Kim has always been involved in the lives of little ones, she started out working mainly with Children’s Homes in Pietermaritzburg, and eventually fostering one of the children.

It was once she had relocated to Amanzimtoti that the love for teaching was found due to having to Home School her own daughter. Kim trained as a Tutor supervisor using the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) program, as well as Impaq

In 2012, Kim took up a teaching post in a rural village called Nquthu, here she taught 3 and 4 year old’ s, Grade R, Grade 1s, as well as Grade 3 students. During this time, all training was done to complete her Early Childhood Development.

From 2012 to 2014 Kim went on to further her studies in Advance Creche Management as well as Advanced Management.  From 2017-2018.  Kim studied Child Psychology.  2019 Kim did her level 5 TEFL course and now will be better equipped to teach English at a more advanced level.  Not only to young students but adults as well.  The TEFL course was done through I-to-i Academy.

All other studies have been done through Skills Academy which is the sister school to SA College.  Kim then relocated back to Pietermaritzburg, Napierville with the idea of combining good quality education with a Christian foundation to children.

Future plans for Kids Christian Academy

The Pre School & Tutor center is an independent Organisation, and will generate revenue through “Fun Days”, Cake Sales, other various methods as management see fit. Management will dedicate continuous time to upgrading the learning centre to what is needed to uplift the growth of each child, making there stay an even better experience.

By 2018 we will have looked at introducing a Grade 1 learning centre.  This has been done and prep work is already in place for grade 2 in 2019.

We look forward to the months ahead, and as much as progress will be hard work, we feel that in order to bring good quality education to our next generation, it is all worth the effort.