Why a Christian Pre School?

As Christians, we feel that it is vital for a young child to not only have a solid academic foundation, but a Godly foundation as well.  Having both combined will balance a child in all aspects of his or her early growth.

Is Kids Christian Academy a play centre?

Kids Christian Academy is mainly a learning centre for young minds. Even when the student is playing, the student is learning at the same time. There are two main teaching lessons for the the 3 and 4 year old’ s.   “Tree By Theme” program is used in the first lesson. Here the student will learn about different topics, taking part in activities linked to each theme, and will end the lesson by doing practical. 

The second lesson is for counting, shapes, colours, flash cards, ABC and much more. There will be no practical work done in this lesson, but the student will be monitored on a weekly base by the class teacher to make sure that the student is on par with the weekly lesson.

The Grade R students will be taught using the “Grow” program, as well as the Basic Education booklets that will be downloaded from the Department of Educations website. A mid year test will be given to each student to determine if he/she is progressing as should be. The student will then be tested yet again at the end of the last school term. The student will need to get 80 % and above in order to pass Grade R.  In conjunction with the Grow program, Grade R students will be introduced to animal sounds with the story for each sound, character building stories, Art lessons and much more!

We pride ourselves knowing that schools such as Clarendon Primary, St. Nicholas Diocesan School, Gert Maritz Primary School, Athlone Park Primary School and many more primary schools are happy to have our learners enrol as our High standard of education taught at Kids Christian Academy has proved to be valuable.

Year 2018, What program will be used in order to teach Grade 1 students?

The Tutor centre will use the program Impaq as well as the ACE program.  

Will my child be able to attend any grade in another school after attending the Tutor centre?

Yes your child will be able to attend that school.  Please note that with any school, your child will be assessed by the school that you have chosen.

Will it be CAPS based?


Will Kids Christian Academy have a Grade 1 learning centre in 2017?

NO, grade 1 will be open for learners from 2018.  Then the following year grade 2 and so forth.

Why does Kids Christian Academy ask for a registration fee, and how is that figure distributed within the Academy.

Due to Kids Christian Academy being an independent school, it will depend on extra revenues brought into the Academy from time to time, such as the registration fee charged in the beginning of each year.

2017, this money will be used to replace or repair what is needed as well as payments made for the Tutor centre that will be open as of 2018.

Will our children go on any educational day outings during the course of the year?

Yes the students will go on one outing per year.  This outing will be discussed with all parents at the mid year parents meeting.

Taking such young children on an outing, how safe is this for my child?

This outing will be discussed with all parents in a parents meeting, here it will be decided between Management and parents where the outing will take place.  We will ask parents who have free time to assist in monitoring the outing.  An attendance register will be in place for when we depart for the outing, and every hour during that outing.

Students that do not go on this outing will be asked to stay at home for that day, unless decided otherwise by the Principal.

Who will pay for the outing?

We will ask the parents to pay a set amount.  This amount will be decided once a venue has been decided on, and the Principal has done all that she can do in order to have any fee reduced by the management of that venue.  Once this has been put into place, a letter will be sent out to all parents.

I am interested in having my child taught in this Academy, but cannot pay the stipulated school fees…

Please make an appointment to see the Principal.

Will I have to buy more stationery during the course of the year?

The stationery list that you will be given in the beginning of the year should cover the entire year for your child.  However if your child fails to take care of the items, and items are broken, lost or stolen, new items will need to be replaced by parents.  We do ask parents to send only one of each item if there are more than 1 indicated on the stationery list.  A note will be sent home for a replacement when it is required.

What will happen if my child damages school property?

Parents will be asked to replace any item that is damaged on purpose by the child.

How much say does a parent have in this school?

A happy child means a happy parent!!  It is vital that all parents have a say in the running of the school, From time to time a form will be sent out to parents requesting that they let us have suggestions on how to move forward.  Many times we face situations such as venues for school outings etc as well, parents again will be requested to give suggestions. Management will discuss all suggestions in a meeting, and provided that funds are available, suggestions will then be put into place, and parents will then be notified.

If my child is at the school, am I able to ask for a position that may be open at the time?


What will happen if I do not have any teaching experience?

It is vital that experience is obtained, in house training will be given.  Once the probation period is complete and management is satisfied, arrangements between staff member and management will be discussed on further training methods.  NO STAFF MEMBER will be allowed to work at Kids Christian Academy if a certificate as well as practical is not complete within the first year.

Why must I have a police clearance?

This is to ensure that one does not have a past record of misconduct towards children.